Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Now We are Six Part 4: The final family celebration

(The inability to take good photos must be genetic because I have never seen such terrible photos as the ones that the Captain and his dad take. At least my father-in-law bothers to look at what he's shooting. My dear husband just clicks haphazardly and gets pictures of me with my mouth open and looking like a crazed maniac. The one below is the only one I found to be acceptable of the pictures they took of the baby eating his tiny cupcake.)

Baby D is covered in icing from his tiny cupcake from Whole Foods.

The Wall-E cake that his grandmother made.

THE gift that he really wanted and has played with every day since then.

Great grandsons playing with their late great grandfather's old toys.

Everyone likes to ride Mimi's exercise bike!

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