Thursday, March 18, 2010

Now We are Six Part 2: Friends and Cupcakes

The Captain and I worked hard on the cupcakes. They are gluten and dairy free. We made chocolate chip topped with chocolate icing and these pictured are plain cupcakes with coconut lime agave icing topped with toasted coconut and an all natural gummy.

Gerrick made He-Man a pig balloon. :)

Singing "Happy Birthday"!

Enjoying the cupcakes (thanks again, Sherry, for being my photographer)
Bounce time!
(We got a new net for the trampoline! yay!)

Look at these awesome kids!

He received so many sweet gifts like bubbles, a special silly book, Jenga (which we did not have but wanted) and a sock puppet. But below is the one that touched his heart the most. A good friend drew this Wall-E onto a shirt for him and it has brought him to tears twice. Because he's so blown away that someone would care that much about him. Wow.

On the hunt for some robots.
It was a wonderful day and we are so thankful for our friends who love us enough to come to our parties and participate in our shenanigans!


  1. Can I get your cupcake recipe?

  2. I'm sorry. There is no recipe. It was just a mix that we got creative with.


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