Friday, March 12, 2010

Now We are Six Part 1: Goody Bags and A Robot Scavenger Hunt

He-Man's birthday was yesterday. I will have a series of "Now We are Six" posts because that is just how much we have been celebrating (and will be celebrating) around here. Whew, I'm pooped.

We recently attended the 6th birthday party of a good friend and he had decorated brown paper bags as his goody bags. We really liked this idea and so we borrowed it. He-Man had a great time decorating the bags with some new stencils (turned out to be a sixteen dollar set of wooden stencils from Magic Cabin... we found them at Goodwill on their half price day. SCORE!) He took great care with picking just the right color for writing and drawing on each friend's bag. He wrote most of the names himself and he also filled the bags with the goodys himself. He was very organized, thoughtful and systematic about the whole ordeal. I was impressed.
For months (and I mean like since early fall at least) He-Man has been planning a robot scavenger hunt. He didn't really know how he wanted it to pan out but he wanted to do this for his birthday and he wanted to invite all of his friends. Well, we are blessed to have a LOT of friends. When the forecast called for rain on the date we had selected for the friends segment of his birthday, I realized that maybe we should limit the number of friends we invited because the original plan had been to have everyone bring a picnic and to enjoy our 1.5 acre lot. The inside of our home is not quite so spacious. So we had to narrow the guest list down in order to accommodate everyone comfortably.

Here you see the set up of the "Crazy Bunny has stolen all of our Wall-E robots and hidden them in eggs and we must save them" scavenger hunt. Pictured are the 26 robots and small slips of papers with the names of those robots.

As it turns out, it wasn't raining during our gathering and the bunny took advantage of the weather and hid them in our front yard. You will read more about that in my next post :)He-Man spent at least an hour on this task. He had to read the name of each robot and match it with the robot and then place both the robot and the name into an egg. He was so proud of himself when he completed his job. Unschooling at its best.

I also typed up a list of the names of robots and put it on a clip board with a pen. During the robot hunt, I was the "go to" person and everyone who found a bot had to tell me who it was so that we could cross the name off the list. Then they dropped the egg into a bag that Courtney was holding. I think it went really well and all of the kids seemed to enjoy the activity.


  1. Sounds like fun! What did you put in the goody bags?

  2. Oh, thanks for asking christy! He put pencils, tattoos, animal trading cards, blueberry fruit leathers.


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