Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Enjoy Life Unschooling: Bona Fide New Beginnings or a Picnic in the Park

This week I've gotten a taste of single motherhood while the Captain has been off on a "Man Vs. Wild" style survivalist manly adventure. I truly hope he's having a great time but a part of me is a little nervous that he has fallen and has a concussion again... like what happened to him ten years ago when he attempted to hike the entire Appalachian trail alone. Let's hope he's safe and sound and enjoying a peaceful night's rest communing with our Father's creation. Let's hope.

I have to say though that so far this experience has taught me a lot. For instance, I'm too dependent upon him for regular every day things. I think that while I was so sick and had my back issues, this just became habit and now I'm used to expecting him to hold the baby while I shower or to have him help me get the kids to bed, etc. When he comes home, I plan to take charge of my home and let him reserve his energies for truly being with us. I can do this!

I also have learned that I've been focusing way too much energy on planning meals. While it sounds nice to have all of these home cooked foods and fresh breads and stuff, it's really not necessary. I am trying to get away from cooked foods and I'm feeling better already after just two days of focusing on raw and no sugar. So, I see no reason why I shouldn't go back to the way we were eating before. We'll probably be healthier as a result and I'll have more energy and time to do fun things like hang out at the park and read books from our book list.

So here I leave you with some photos from our picnic in the park. It was a glorious day and we all enjoyed just being together and feeling the grass on our feet and the sun in our faces.

Big brother enjoyed pushing little man in the swing. The ONLY baby swing in our entire Parks and Recreation system from the best of my knowledge.
C'mon Murfreesboro, get with the program!!
What a delight it is to watch this little guy learn about his surroundings. I don't remember ever taking the other two out to a park to let them crawl around when they were babies. Glad I'm doing that now because seeing the world through his eyes is truly refreshing.
This picture looks an awful lot like one I took last year about this time ;).
What's with the tongue? She's doing this often as of late.
Sweet boys.

The park was crowded because it is spring break in our city right now. I couldn't help but point out to the kids how lucky we are to be free to head to the park any day we feel like it... we don't have to wait until a special week for school to be closed. We are very lucky indeed. It truly is the life. A life of freedom. The kind of freedom our Heavenly Father intended for us to have.

How have you been celebrating spring? Head over to Enjoy Life Unschooling and share your posts. An unschooling blog carnival! Fun!!


  1. My daughter said last week..."how come we don't get snow days?". My reply- "because we get sun days". Lovely shots of your little ones enjoying the freedom of a 'sun day'.

  2. Tee hee, that's too cute! Sun days are the best, huh?

  3. Don't you love being able to go anywhere you want, any time you want? Freedom! It's a lovely way to live.

  4. what lovely photos, and a joyful life. thanks for sharing!

  5. Great post and you have some really cute kids. Yes it is wonderful to have that freedom to come and go without the confines of school.


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