Friday, January 15, 2010

Vitamin D, marshmallows, and leaves (with a little mud)

Today has been spectacular. We started with a planning meeting for our co-op where we signed up for which lessons we would be leading (and I got to see my friends which is so important for my mental state). Then our entire family headed to Olive Garden where we used a gift card that the Captain had gotten for Christmas from his boss. Unlimited soup and salad. He-man is forever begging for us to take him back there. After that, the kids and I were able to enjoy some much needed time outside and to soak up some vitamin D. On a side note, I have to say, though, that normally this time of year would have me contemplating suicide (wish I was joking) but this year, I've just been slightly weepy (a symptom easily explained by the return of a certain visitor I'd not seen since 2008... booooooo). My best explanation for the change in my emotional stability is the vitamin D. I've been supplementing in large doses ever since I had my level checked back in the summer when I was going through so much medical gunk. If you haven't had your levels checked and you suffer from depression (especially SAD), please please please check it out. Imagine how awesome it would be if you started feeling better just from taking a supplement, not to mention that low levels of vitamin D in the blood has been linked to serious diseases such as cancer. :)

So, like I was saying before, we made it outside in this unseasonably warm 57 degree weather. Heavenly. And perfect for taking some photos.

There was swangin'...

and posin'...

a tea party by a boy who will no doubt work in hospitality one day

complete with marshmallow and chocolate chip food sculptures

and a certain little guy got to roam around his yard for the first time.
He is now very intimate with leaves and mud.

Hope you all have had great weather and that it will continue through the weekend (for all of us).

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