Monday, March 1, 2010

Snow and Ice

Post from the past that got lost in the computer sabbatical!

On one hand, this "inclement weather" has really bummed us out. The Captain had to miss yet another Vanderbilt Fencing Tournament and I had been really excited about carpooling with a good friend to spend the day with a bunch of awesome mama friends. But on the other hand, the weather happened during the Captain's off week and our being stuck at home has led to cups of hot cocoa, snow cream, afternoon naps, catching up on laundry, and some much needed relaxing. Luckily the day with awesome mamas has been rescheduled for a time when I will be able to attend so it's all good.

So the first day of our winter storm brought lovely snow. With that lovely snow I made these little guys:
Strawberry Snow Cream Snow Man pops. Big hit, lemme tell ya.
(Natural strawberry flavoring, natural pink color, rice milk, agave, cinnamon, stir)
I personally preferred the "frappucino-like" snow cream that I made using natural maple flavor, agave, rice milk, and cinnamon. The kids, however, liked these little guys. And I liked having a use for my silicone molds since I have sworn off baking with them.

tiny bird tracks on my patio
my house, even more gorgeous covered in precipitation
looooove having the easel on the front porch. it's out of my kitchen and the kids are more likely to use it!
heading next door to check on our neighbors

incredible ice. destructive yet beautiful.
it's a good thing that the net on our trampoline was already destroyed because this ice storm just totally did it in. no idea how we are going to afford to replace it.

snow angels didn't turn out so well with all of that ice under the thin layer of snow
the limbs are so heavy from ice. i want to hug her.
this is the view out of my kitchen window. how lucky am i?
the bird house that my dad made He-Man

The beauty at my home just seems to be magnified by this weather. I often forget just how much beauty surrounds us. We are lucky to live out where the air is cleaner, the grass is greener, and bunnies romp and play. And when we get a huge snow like this, I kinda wish we had a hill to sled down but still, I'll take what I have!


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