Thursday, January 21, 2010

Setting Goals

Lately I've been having a hard time with this whole unschooling thing. There has been a lot of tv watching and video game playing going on. And for the most part I'm okay with this. But I would love to be accomplishing more, and mostly I would just like them to be engaged in activities more often so that there is less fighting. In addition, I am uneasy when I'm floundering about out there in the sea of life without actually working towards something. So I realized that I set goals for myself. Why not help the kids set goals for themselves as well? Which is exactly what we did this week during a family meeting. Ronin really got into it. Hunter, not so much. Here are the goals that they have set:

Ronin's Goals:
Be nice to my brother (we've been having a hard time with this)
Learn ABC's
Write my name
Read Bible Verses
Learn about loving myself
Read THE PRINCESS DIARIES (we picked this up at the library this week but it was NOT appropriate for children so we will try to find another book that works for her)
Take a gynmastics class (local community center used to have a cheap one that I will try to get to very soon.)
Be healthy
Regularly take vitamins
Wash myself
Learn to draw a rainbow
Be nice to my mom (another thing we have been struggling with)
Help my mom

Hunter's Goals (I had to coach him a little)

Be nice to my sister (see, I told you he was struggling)
Write first and last name
Be funny to my brother
Learn about toasters (and later boats, airplanes, and fire trucks)
Read a chapter book
Work on Bible verses
Practice baseball
Work on Spanish skills
Do art once a week

Do you help your children set goals?

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  1. Hello Mandy-
    I definitely lean towards the unschooling approach myself, but at the same time I see that my children need (and thrive) in an atmosphere of structure. We don't sit for hours going through curriculum, but there is a time for this and a time for that. There is a natural order, like the seasons. There are times of the day when we do certain activities that we don't do at other times. We have designated "computer days" (and specific times). Same thing goes for video watching (we don't have tv), we have designated times. There is no resentment or whining about these things because that's just the way it is. Also they really do get cranky and stir crazy if they don't get outside regularly. Even if it's cold a nature walk lifts all of our spirits. 'Unschooling' means that we don't adhere to the ways of conventional schooling, that doesn't mean that we can't direct our days to our best advantage. That's the beauty and freedom in unschooling, everybody does what works for their family.


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