Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Handmade stocking stuffers

I realize that Christmas is LONG gone (sniff) but I kept forgetting to share my handmade gift creations with you. So, here goes...

These are obviously stick puppets. I printed them from Nick Jr. What is noteworthy is that I glued them to pizza boxes and then used glittery decoupage medium to sorta laminate them. They look gorgeous. I think that this method would be great to use for all types of things, like ornaments, bookmarks, greeting cards, etc.

These are two of my bottle cap charms. I simply found pictures from magazines, cut them out and, yet again, used glittery decoupage medium to seal them in. One day, when I finally get around to creating an Etsy store, it will be called "Decoupage Diva" because that is the ONLY type of crafting at which I truly feel gifted! When I was a kid I used to decoupage photos of my favorite celebrities from magazines onto my furniture. I would have gone wacky for some glittery medium back then!

And these are some photos of the books I made for the kiddos. I went through the photos from this past year and picked ones that would lend themselves nicely to simple captions that described that kid, something significant that happened this year or that was important to/about them. My plan is to make them every year for their stockings. The covers are made from foam. The titles were written in puff paint, and I stapled them together.

I've enjoyed looking at some of your handmade items so much over the months. Thank you to all of the bloggers who always love to share these things. You are all such an inspiration. I am already excited to make things for my friends and family this upcoming year!


  1. Those are so awesome, Mandy!! I love all of it! Especially the books, but I'm tempted to get out the goo I bought last month and haven't used to make the other stuff.

  2. Very nice.
    Particularly love he stick puppets!

  3. I love your decoupage Etsy site idea! Go for it! And by the way, I have never done decoupage before, so next time you guys do a craft with it, let me know!

  4. Awwww, you guys make me what to cry. I really feel as if the things I make are kinda lame so when you tell me that you like them, it makes me feel all warm and snuggly inside :).

    Amanda, gettin' out your goo sounds like a great idea!

    Serena, the stick puppets are seriously cute!

    Marcy, I'd love to show you how I do the decoupage. I use it for everything. It's easy and lots of fun. :)


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