Friday, January 1, 2010

And that's what I'm talking about: 4th birthday part 1

Today was Ronin's birthday. I have been informed that she doesn't like nicknames. No Ro. No Roni. No Ro Ro. And not even Donut. So there goes my joke. I was going to say, "This is what a four year old donut looks like. You'd expect it to be moldy." as a caption for one of the pictures I took of her today. But in honor of our new found grownupedness, I'll skip the lame jokes.

Ronin informed me that now that she is four, she is going to be nice. Her dad gave us a great gift and took a certain teething baby on errands, including all the way to a neighboring town in order to check, yet again, for a certain toy Ronin wants terribly for her birthday. This toy is a Sam Puckett doll. Sam Puckett, as you probably don't know because if you read my blog you most likely don't watch tv and especially not tween shows on Nickelodeon, is the sidekick best friend on the show "iCarly.

Many months ago I noticed Ronin mentioning "iCarly" to me. It seems she was watching it in the evenings when she'd go hang out in the man cave (our garage) with her dad. I have a friend who has a tween so I asked her if it was okay to watch and she said it was just a bunch of kids doing stupid stuff so I figured it was fine. But when we started talking birthday plans (I had to cancel her big party last year because I was on bed rest so I wanted to make it up to her this year) she told me that she wanted an "iCarly" party. This was serious. She rarely takes interest in anything strongly enough to request a party in its theme. Well, let me tell ya, this whole love of "iCarly" only seemed to grow and get stronger so I decided that I might need to take notice. We started sitting down and watching it together and before I knew it, I was hooked!

Yes, there is kissing and yelling and even fighting in the show. But Ronin took an interest in fighting and yelling long before she ever saw "iCarly". I'm convinced that this show was the first thing she'd seen on television to which she could relate. I swear, the Sam character reminds me of my daughter so much. A little scary, I know. Fortunately, there are a lot of great things on the show too. Like unconditional love, committed friendship, creativity, art, comedy, hard work, alternatives to the typical "go to school and/or work a normal job" thing.

Maybe it's not ideal. Maybe it is weird that of all the things to which my child has been exposed, at four it's a little strange she would become attached to this. But finally my daughter and I have something in common. We both like this show. Oh, and the color pink. We are having a lot of fun with it.

On to some pictures of today's party with family and the birthday girl.

While the Draykester was out with his dad, we did some balloon blowing. The kids gathered them up and put them all at the front door. I think it's beautiful.

Gulp, my daughter, in the birthday shirt her "bff" gave her and in her lovely braids that I she "let" me put in her hair for the first time. She's officially a big girl now.

Custom ordered by the birthday girl herself: a delicious yellow cake with butter cream frosting from Whole Foods which means that all of it, including the colors are natural. Yay! It was scrumptious. Oh, and that's Carly.
So proud and so excited.
"iCarly" hat and gloves from dad!
A fit ensued after opening Sam's remote. It went on...and on...and on, bleeding into the opening of other gifts!

Fun was had by all. Now bring us some fried chicken. Sorry, a little Sam humor for ya!

Stay tuned for more "iCarly" partying still to come!

And Happy New Year, folks!


  1. sounds like a great birthday! my youngest loves icarly and i have watched sam is fun! wish ronin the best 4!

  2. I have never seen iCarly so I know nothing about the show, but it's funny how kids get attached to tv shows - my kids do too.

    I LOVE the name Ronin. I had no idea that was your daughter's name.

    The cake looks great! Yum! Love Whole Foods!

  3. So glad she had a great day! She looks so happy. :)

    Oh...and I'll have to remember not to call her Ro anymore. ;)

  4. Thanks Jodi! I think that Sam is one of my favorite tv characters of all time. Jennette does a great job.

    Christy, thank you. I love the name Ronin, too. We had a hard time agreeing on a girl name so we decided on a boy name instead! And I used to get attached to tv shows as well. Heck, I still do. We have several "Monk" episodes on our Tivo which we haven't watched in a desperate attempt to deny that the show is over!

    Sherry, I won't be able to stop calling her Ro either. I've already called her that several times. But she didn't say anything. Can't wait to see you guys.

  5. I don't watch iCarly, but the birthday girl looks very very cute! and I love pink too. :)

  6. And don't forget the CHILI!!

    ;) My boys love iCarly, too. I had to get used to the noisy drama aspect, but it's certainly among the more original shows out there.

    Happy 4th birthday, Ronin!!! (Sorry I'm a little belated here. ;)

  7. Amanda! I'm so glad that we aren't the only ones watching "iCarly". I thin it's soooooo great. There are some things in it that aren't preferable but it's so creative.


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