Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Water Bottle Bag Craft

As per my decision to only make gifts out of things I already own, I knew that meant figuring out something to make with all of this craft foam! I have recently been inspired by this blog and by combining some of her ideas with some of my own, I have come up with this neat little thing.
I love Duck Tape. And the Captain has quite a bit of it, in a variety of colors, from where he makes foam light sabers with sword students during a Jedi summer camp. Basically I just took a regular size sheet of craft foam, folded it in half, Duck Taped the side and bottom. Then I used tape to attach the strap and a little pocket (also made of foam) on the outside. It's for money. I made this bag for water bottles because we are constantly out and about and in need of water. I tend to leave our water bottles at home because I get sick of having to keep up with them. This will at least help He-Man to keep up with his on his own. He was super excited about the money pocket as well. I am probably going to break down and get some pink Duck Tape for Donut's bag. Once I've made it, I'll post pictures! Oh, also, we like to put lots of ice in our water bottles and the craft foam/Duck Tape combo should hold up better with sweating and leaking than, say, a cloth bag. Keeping my fingers crossed on that one!

Next on my crafting agenda... handmade personalized books (where I manage to incorporate more craft foam), stick puppets, and tissue pouches (more craft foam). Wish me luck!

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