Thursday, December 24, 2009

Spreading Christmas Magic

We LOVE visiting with the people in nursing homes. You may remember that last year we organized a Thanksgiving Parade at a local assisted living facility. The children thoroughly enjoyed that. But this year I've just not been up to my normal leadership role and I've had to cancel or back out of a lot of the commitments that I've been making so I've tried to stop making the commitments. When I got an invitation on Facebook from a friend to participate in a Christmas Party for the residents at a local nursing home, I was tickled. Not only could we possibly get to go do something we love to do, but I didn't have to organize it! Bonus! Anyway, thankfully we were all well in time to attend this lovely party. I hope that we can make it an annual event.

Donut was decked out in her Christmas clothes and, as you can see, her holiday happy face. ;)

He-Man brought his magic set and with some help of some new friends, performed a trick for the audience. And behind him you can see that there was some awesome live music. Seriously, I want Bob to set up shop at my house!

I was invited to read this book and managed to do so, despite holding a very squirmy baby!

My heart is so full when I think of how much this child loves to reach out to others. He has a heart that is so big and he loves so unconditionally. When I asked him what his favorite part of this party was, he said that he liked walking down the hall and saying "Merry Christmas" to some of the residents. I am so proud to be his mom.
Donut enjoying one of several cookies. The cookies have been banging down our door this season!

This was such an enjoyable experience. I'm thankful when others step up to the plate and plan things like this. It truly is fulfilling and worth the effort. Some of the residents told my friend that it felt like Christmas because there were children around... which made me realize how lucky I am to be in the phase of my life when every day feels like Christmas because there are always children around.

Merry Christmas, friends.
Sending warm thoughts and much love to each of you this holiday season. May your days and nights be filled with children and joy. And cookies.


  1. Happy holidays and warm wishes!

  2. that is great - i hope you and yours have a wonderful christmas

  3. How lovely, your children are amazing!

    Brightest Yule blessings to you all
    Gina xxx


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