Thursday, December 10, 2009

Hills is where the toys are

I figured that while I am recovering from the flu that wouldn't die, I might entertain (or annoy the heck out of) my readers with some annoying youtube videos. You see, I'm a nostalgia junkie and old commercials from my childhood make me especially happy.

Be sure to actually go to this page and read the comments about this commercial... very interesting trivia.

To read more about Hills Department store, you can go here.

Within the past couple of years I saw an old pack of Lite Brite templates that had a Hills price sticker on it. I regret not buying it.

Do you remember Hills? Any special fond memories of that place? Please share them with me!


  1. Wow. Usually I just lurk and don't comment..;)

    But this--THIS--wow, wow, wow. It was SO good to see this, and it just makes me adore you more that you posted it!

    My uncle climbed, like, 40 feet and called out the names of all the Cabbage Patch Kids to me until there was one I could deal with. Ooh--and I used to spend my money on Family Circus books there.

  2. We didn't have Hills, but they made Cabbage Patch Kids right in my town. People who worked there were always getting into trouble for stealing them to sell! I hate the new lite brite, I've been bidding on old ones on ebay since it's all my youngest wants for Christmas.


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