Friday, December 11, 2009

The flu: A love story

Let's face it. There's not a lot of great things that a person can say about having the flu. But I try to keep a positive attitude (you are probably saying, "yeah right" if you are friends with me on Facebook) most of the time and this stinkin' flu fiasco has caused me to be discouraged, frustrated, fearful, and even hypocritical (I say as I sit here enjoying cleared nasal passages from an over-the-counter drug nasal spray and I remember the Sonic burger number two that I enjoyed earlier in the week before I lost my appetite.)

Though having the flu has been an unpleasant experience that I hope to never repeat, I have gained some insight from the ordeal. Here is a list of ten good things (in no particular order) about having had the flu and they are written only slightly tongue in cheek.

1. I will be more appreciative of our healthy days in the future.

2. We have had a chance to catch up on all kinds of television viewing and once we are well, I'd imagine that we might not watch tv again for... maybe... months?

3. I have been further reminded of how amazing my husband is and I know that I am lucky to have him.

4. This may have been the very thing that will push me over the edge in my decision to stop doing Artsy Mamas. Because I can't attend the events and it doesn't look like anyone else wants to attend them either... what's the point?

5. I will be working extra hard on figuring out ways to protect us from germs, including brainstorming about creative ways to keep fingers out of noses that will then just go into the mouth. Suggestions?

6. My health phobia has been put at bay in exchange for real, true reasons to be concerned.

7. I will go into my new life with a renewed love for the ability to taste and smell.

8. All of those gifts I was going to be making by hand? Not important. Buying lots of new things? Nope. I don't even care about any of that stuff. I've been sad that our fun Advent activities were put on hold though. Guess I can see what part of the holidays really matter to me now.

9. We stay too busy. Can't tell you how many plans I had to cancel over the past 9 days. I have been able to figure which activities truly matter to me as well. That's been eye opening.

10. I almost see why people want to be vaccinated against the flu now. Almost.

We are not completely well. But we are getting there. At least I hope we are getting there.


  1. Get better (FOR GOOD) real soon. :)

  2. I'm sorry you've been so sick. We had the flu a few months ago and it was brutal. Hang in there!

  3. Great list, Mandy. You have been very positive, considering the great flu debacle of 2009. Hang in there!


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