Sunday, December 27, 2009

Around our house for the holidays

Pretty In Pink Christmas Tree
This was my all-time favorite decoration as a child. The year I was pregnant with Hunter, I opened up our boxes and the outside part was broken. I was so upset that my husband went on a hunt for it and found another one on Ebay. It gives the illusion of the Three Wise Men making their journey to see the baby Jesus when the candle light moves. I love it very much.
The red glasses are cherry cordial wine glasses from Avon I think. I just use them as candle holders the same way that my mom did. We are all big fans of the color red!
My first Nativity. We got it last year at Walgreens for 75 cents. The lack of cost makes me relaxed about letting the kids play with it.
Some sweet friends made us this Advent Calendar.
He-Man enjoyed turning over the numbers every day!

What is your favorite Christmas decoration?


  1. That candle is very cool! I really like the handmade Advent calendar too....hmmm, I might have to try and make one(me and my uncrafty self)

    I love going to my parent's house and seeing all of our childhood Christmas nick nacks. They don't make them like they used to!

  2. Mine is a light-up plastic snowman. My parents must have bought it when I was really young because I don't remember a Christmas without it. It means even more to me now because Gerrick really likes it and will always remember it, too. :)

    You can see it in my foyer in some of the pics in this post:

  3. My daughter would LOVE that pink tree. WE saw a pink tree in WalMart and she really wanted it. Maybe someday. That Advent Calendar is cool! I would love that decoration with the wise men too.


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