Sunday, November 29, 2009

What the *#@!!!!

I am so totally not okay with this.

And be sure to take a look at this.

How did I find out about this nonsense? I had set up the Tivo to record a documentary but instead it recorded an hour and a half of PBS. Well, my kids like "Curious George" so they were watching that and after it went off, "Sid the Science Kid" came on. So it had been on for few moments and I kept hearing Sid talking about vaccines. I started to listen more closely and began to become outraged. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I told the kids that we were turning it off. I googled it and found that I'm not alone in my discontentment. Grrrrr.

What do you think?


  1. Oh yes, I saw this too and posted it on Facebook. I was upset at this brainwashing tactic too. But I am not surprised either, this is what it has come to with our media these days.

  2. OMG, we saw this the other day! We don't have any tv channels at home, so my kids aren't used to watching cartoons.

    When we were staying at Grandma's house for Thanksgiving, the cousins all sat down and were watching this exact show. I walked in and watched for a few minutes - it was like an infomercial for vaccines. Completely over-the-top.

    Very cool for parents who do vaccines and want their kids to feel more comfortable with the idea and to have coping mechanisms for getting them, but for those of us who don't? Well, I guess they give us an opportunity to answer some interesting questions. *sigh*

  3. Of all the things that the kids see on tv, and this make you the maddest? You are so funny. Obviously, you must shoot the TV! Love, me :)

  4. Marcy, I must have missed your post on Facebook or else I would have commented, ya know!!

    Sarah, I went back last night and watched the whole thing with my kids. I'm not sure that it is so cool for parents who do vaccinate. It gave an extremely one sided point of view and indicated that the one down side to having vaccines would be that it might hurt a little. I prefer to always tell my children the truth and that is not the truth... We watched together and talked at length about beliefs, making different choices, brainwashing, the government, etc. My kids are a bit young to understand all of that but I wanted them to have a better idea of why I was so strongly opposed to the episode. It was truly disturbing. I did like the part about germs and we talked about how THAT was good/truthful/useful information. So, my idea is that even if we vaccinated, I would NOT be okay with this type of blatant manipulation of my children.

    Courtney, Why, yes, that has pretty much made me the maddest. And also seeing same sexed individuals making out on random programs in the middle of the day... that ticks me off too. Because I don't feel like having that conversation yet!

  5. Mandy, I think that if you were an average parent who vaccinated you would be totally ok with the episode. I had three SILs in the room with us and all of them were talking about how much they loved this episode. They don't see it as manipulation because they *agree* with the information presented. You and me see it as manipulation not only of the kids, but of uninformed parents, but those parents don't see it that way at all. It's not manipulation, brainwashing, or lying to them. It's a way to help their kids understand this scary and sometimes painful thing that their parents make them do.

    If we weren't actively involved in our kid's lives, keeping track of what they're watching, then it could be dangerous, sure. But we are involved, so it can lead to cool conversations about bodies and health and information and propaganda and how money talks.

    Have you seen the vaccination episode of Law & Order:SVU that dealt with the danger of not vaccinating your children? I watched that and my blood was boiling. That one was pure propaganda aimed at ADULTS. Seriously. The actors were addressing the screen most of the show, quoting stats. Even the detective who is usually 'out there' thought that non-vaccinators were not being good members of society.

    So I did what you did - went online to see if there was anybody else who had gotten so upset about it and I found an article that talked about how the episode had been designed as propaganda and had been made possible by a huge grant for that very purpose. (A vaccination episode on another show - Private Practice - was commissioned by the same grant.) I can find the article for you if you'd like. It would be interesting to me to find out if the same grant paid for this Sid episode.

  6. Sarah,
    I suppose I'm so far removed from this mindset that I find it difficult to imagine watching that show and being any but freaked out. It isn't my children I'm worried about... it's all of the other people out there... watching this in government schools. It makes me sad. But like a friend said... they are pushing their agenda and since they are funding it, that's what we can expect from "them". Either way, it opened my eyes... right after I wrote about how much I love tv a few weeks ago. LOL.
    No, I've never even heard of those shows you mentioned but that really freaks me out that tv is being used in such a manner. I mean, it makes sense, but I guess I've been naive before. I hope they don't start attacking my favorite shows like "The Office" with this nonsense!


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