Saturday, November 21, 2009

welcome back, old friend: cinnamon "sugar"

as most of you know, i've gotten off the sugar. it's been YEARS since i've kept white sugar in my house though. um... come to think of it, i don't know that i've ever kept white sugar in my house. but anyway, you catch my drift. we don't use the stuff. but recently i started remembering how much i loved cinnamon sugar toast as a child. and i started brainstorming how i could make it without using, well, sugar. i recently invested in some Zweet. it's a name brand of erythritol (do you own research on this natural, calorie free sweetener). so i tried it and it worked. really well. i can't tell the difference. and neither can my friends who tried it! so, if you've been missing cinnamon sugar like me but want to avoid the negative side effects of regular sugar, this might be a good option!

and in case you are interested, i "butter" my toast with coconut oil and the only toast we eat around here is Food For Life Ezekiel. :)

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  1. Fascinating! I have not heard of this product. I also never thought of "buttering" my toast with coconut oil. You are so clever.


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