Friday, November 27, 2009

Purple Friday: gettin' my art on

I've challenged myself this year to only make handmade gifts for people with stuff I already have on hand. I'm tired of buying up a lot of crafting supplies and then never using them. So this year they will be used!! Yay! This also means that I am using a lot of things that would otherwise be going in the recycling bins.

Also, I have dubbed today as "Purple Friday" (an anti-black Friday). Instead of going out and spending money in order to consume, I am reusing things in order to produce. I feel good about that.

So here are some of the things I've been making today...
Hand decorated blank cards for the kids' great grandmother. We used little card stocks, markers, and clip art.

This is a shemic, something that my friend Jodi created. She did a tutorial on how to make these at an Artsy Mamas workshop that I didn't get to attend recently. But I sorta figured out how to make them myself and this is the one that I created today. I like her artichoke hat.

These are going to be magnets. But they are made out of jar lids... something that I often stick in the recycling but they never seem to be recycled. I thought it was nice to come up with a creative way to use them since we have so MANY! The little shapes we made with our puncher set out of glitter card stock. It's decoupaged of course!

Monday I'll be leading an Artsy Mamas art date and we'll be making these. It's a one page zine. You can download the one page instructions on how to make the zine here. It's a family zine alternative to a Christmas letter!

And this is what they look like folded up.

PLEASE tell me if these are stupid! These are stick puppet renditions of our friends. I have no frame of reference. I think they are cute but do you? If your family received these as a gift would you hurl? :)

I'd love to read your idea for using what we already have in our home in order to make gifts. I have craft foam that I'd like to use...and more craft sticks. Card stock, construction paper, paint, and the little punches! Suggestions are welcome.


  1. The stick people are cute, but I don't know about giving them as a gift. I honestly don't know what I'd do with them if they were given to me.. hmmmm.. Might be nice to attach to the wrapping of the present though.

  2. The stick people are cute, but I don't know about giving them as a gift. I honestly don't know what I'd do with them if they were given to me.. hmmmm.. Might be nice to attach to the wrapping of the present though.

  3. jennifer, they are actually for the kids to play with. and this isn't a family with whom we "exchange gifts" (as in they will go out and spend a ton of money on us and we'll just give them some lame stick puppets)... we just like to make a little something for some of our closest friends during the holidays.
    thanks for saying they are cute!

  4. I love the stick puppets! A cute "person"alized gift! When I have time I love to make things with hand or foot prints w/ paint. Like maybe a handprint wreath!

  5. The stick puppets are cute! G would totally get a kick out of them, considering his love:

  6. I love the stick people. Also love purple Friday--what a great idea!

  7. so cool! i did the same thing - created! if you ever need them there is links to all my tutorials on my site right hand side

  8. Um. I LOVE the magnets. Instructions for less than creative ones please :p

  9. Um. I LOVE these magnets. Instructions please for the less than creative people :p

  10. We would LOVE them. They are so great. We would play with them, or stick them in a jar and look at them, or take them with us on adventures. The question isn't WHAT would you do with them, but what WOULDN'T you do with them..

  11. The stick people are awesome -- what a creative idea! I would love to do a zine-style Christmas letter instead of the lame-o photo card... but how are you reproducing them? Color copies are so expensive.

  12. Lydia, Thank you! When you have time. Snort! LOL! Love you!

    Glad G will love it, Sherry, since we'll be making him one. I have to come up with friend for him though. Any suggestions?

    Jodi, thank you! I'm glad you got some creatin' done!

    Thanks Amy! Purple represents creativity to me!

  13. courtney! sweet bc the kids are already begging me to start on the E&O stick puppets.

    Amanda, the best thing about zines is that it's totally okay for them to be raw so mine will be b&w copies and i might use some highlighters to enhance them!

    Caroline, Magnets! I made them by printing pictures of the kids off on the printer, cutting them, gluing them in the jar lid, adding little "hole punches" with glue and then covering them with a few layers of decoupage solution! Glad you like them!


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