Wednesday, November 4, 2009

An Impromptu Party for a Pig

Last week He-Man suddenly decided that his pig, Wilbur, was turning six on Sunday and that we'd be having a party for him. Well, I gotta start taking this child more seriously when he makes these declarations because on Saturday he proceeded to invite his grandmother to the party the very next day. He was on speaker phone with her and I could tell by the hesitation in her voice that, and understandably so, she was going to have a hard time making it across town for a birthday party for a stuffed animal the very next day! So after he got off the phone with her we had a chat about how parties needed to be planned in advance and it was really good teachable moment. He had two choices... he could postpone the party until after his uncle's wedding and then see if others might be able to come or he could go ahead and have the party but it would just be me, Draykie, Donut, and Wilbur. He chose the later option. I overheard him saying to Wilbur, "Tomorrow is a big day for you. We're going to have to make sure that you get a nap." What a sweetie.

Out came the paper, the pen, and the list making began. He has inherited my love of list making! Once it was complete the list read:

ice cream sundae
car race
play in tent
make pictures
sing happy bday
pin tale on pig
ring around the rosie
watch a movie: Wall-E
play musical chairs
put necklace on him

He had it all planned out.

Lately I've been being schooled on how to truly unschool (more on that later) and this pig party was a true lesson in just that. At first it was hard to for me to really get into doing the party... for a stuffed animal. I even made a terrible statement when I got frustrated digging in a big tub looking for the birthday hats... I said, "Why do we even need hats? Wilbur is just a toy." I apologized to him for that and told him I was being a real jerk. And I looked harder for the hats... and found them. The point is that the whole experience was a great lesson for what unschooling is all about and how I still have a lot to learn about the process. Once I loosened up and enjoyed the party through my son's eyes, I had a great time. I was even serious when I told my son that he was going to start planning all of the parties around here because it was so much fun and very well organized. He's an incredible host and always has been. I can see him in event organizing or hospitality when he's older. I have often said that I think he'll own a bed and breakfast one day.

Donut and He-Man playing race cars.

Draykie is crawling a little now... just enough to get himself stuck inside of play tents.

The birthday boy is up from his nap.

Pig tails for "Pin the Tail on the Pig"

Impossibly sweet

He put the game down low so that Wilbur could reach it.

Birthday boy gets a party hat!

Donut is in full-blown party mode!


  1. That is way too adorable. You have amazing kids. Such a treasure.

  2. How fun! Good for you for following his fabulous lead. :)

  3. I love this! Have you read If You Give a Pig a Party? by Laura Numeroff? We love that book!

  4. It looks like a great party. Will Hunter be available to plan Kat's next bday?

  5. No, Christy, we have no read that one yet *(I think!)! Will have to look for it.

    And yes, Amy, but he charges by the hour.

  6. This is just the sweetest thing ever! How great that you went all-out helping your son make his vision happen.


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