Wednesday, November 18, 2009

co-op week 6: China

Our last co-op was awesome awesome awesome. Of course, I'm biased because the Captain and I helped lead it! My friend Amanda and I were in charge of the history lesson and our topic was China. Amanda did an amazing job of planning a lesson about China, bringing in props, and preparing scrolls for the kids to paint. She had every child's name (or a name close to their own) printed and each child could either paint the name on the scroll or cut the name out and paste it onto their painted scroll. They turned out very lovely. She also showed us a calligraphy set and talked to us about the different parts of a character in Chinese calligraphy. Each child was given a cup of water and some mint leaves and shown how to make tea with the leaves while being told a story about the origins of tea. I brought a Chinese cd that was sent to me by my oldest and dearest pen pal who now lives with her husband and three children in China.
Here are He-Man and Donut's finished scrolls. I love the way that they look in our hallway!

After the scroll painting and tea lesson, the kids switched rooms for a presentation by my sweet wonderful husband, the owner of Dragon's Guard School of Sword fighting. He brought a lot of weapons for the kids to see and even touch and he talked about Ancient China and weaponry. I know that everyone appreciated him coming. It was super cool because I know that a lot of what we women prepare for the co-op lessons may not totally appeal to some of the boys in the group. But the swords seem to please most of the kids, including the girls!

I didn't get to see much of what was going on in the science class but it involved butterflies and when I sneaked a peak, Donut seemed to be enjoying herself!


  1. Wow, sounds wonderful. I love that your husband could get involved. I'm working on get my husband to come to ours ;)

  2. Oh. My. Goodness. Emily would have LOVED this!! She has an endless obsession with China. Your kids are so lucky.


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