Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What we've been learning.

We've been doing a whole lotta random stuff. Here are some of those random things.

Donut helped me make a delicious strawberry chocolate smoothie and she insisted that I take her picture with it!

Donut has had an ear infection and so I had to take her to the doctor. So our friends let He-Man hang out with them so he didn't have to miss this fun field trip to the Fire Station. From what I understand, it was a very fun morning.

Enjoying this weather while it lasts.

Mancala is a fun game but quite frankly, I much prefer to use the stones from the mancala game for this sorting activity. And check out my four square plate. 20ish cents from Walgreens on their end of the season clearance. LOVING those!

He-Man and Donut are going to be in a wedding a couple of weeks from now. This is the invitation to the rehearsal dinner that their grandma made. Donut was so excited to use her manners and call to rsvp yes to the dinner party, as she said.

He-Man doing some robot math inspired by this sweet post made my a new friend. I can't wait to try out all of her ideas!


  1. I love the pics and the new banner at the top. Robot math--awesome!

  2. Fun! I think I'll go make a strawberry smoothie, too... :)

  3. Amy- thanks! loving the new banner too.
    Christy- yep we have a blast!

    Amanda-hope it was delicious. our's certainly was!


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