Saturday, October 17, 2009


So, surely you noticed my ROCKIN' Awesome new header. How amazing is that? My pal and fellow Artsy Mama, Jodi Reeves is responsible for creating that piece of art! You'll surely be reading more about Jodi in the near future as we have decided to add her to the Artsy Mamas board of directors and she has stepped up to the plate to get Artsy Mamas up and going (finally!!) in Nashville. Woot Woot!! (Amy, if you happen to run into Nicole again, be sure and ask her if she'd like to jump on board. Tee hee.) Anyway, so Jodi is the ultimate creative and crafty chick. She was even featured on the show Tennessee Crossroads a couple of years ago. We are truly honored and excited to have her on board. And I am super psyched that she was so nice to design me this personalized blog header and logo! I said, "Think bright, kitschy, funky, B-52s." She nailed it, dead on, huh? I can see "Bona Fide Mama" shirts in my future! :) In a couple of weeks, I'll be blogging about how Jodi and I tape a segment for the popular local television program "Talk of the Town". The 14th of November, Jodi is leading her first of many Artsy Mamas workshops. So, see, Jodi is quickly working her way into my world and I love it! I secretly had this planned when I met her 2.5 years ago. I guess that the laws of attraction and visualization prove valid again. Anyway, so be sure and check out Jodi's blog and if you need a great logo and header for your blog, she is a freelance graphic designer (and a darn good one too) and she also does commissioned art work. :)


  1. Wow, wish I had a super-cool header like that! Man, that graphic is rockin'!!


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