Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sorting Vitamins

My kids are learning about sorting, counting and the days of the week by helping me sort vitamins. They share a vitamin case which contains their multivitamin and a kid's probiotic. I would suggest this be a supervised activity if you try it because, if your kids are like mine, they really LOVE their vitamins!


  1. Yeah--I have mine get the food enzymes out no problem but I keep the vitamin one to me--and my kids are older. Even my husband scrafs down more than his fair share if I am not careful. :)

  2. I think about things like that alot.
    Like sorting/circling things in workbooks.
    I think... "what?!?"
    I mean, we sort toys into boxes, we sort knives and forks in the drawer, we sort stuff and shapes every day... why in a workbook!?



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