Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pretend Soup

So Mollie Katzen, the woman who wrote those great Moosewood vegetarian cookbooks, has some cookbooks for kids (and the adults who love them). They are brilliant. Simply brilliant. I love how each recipe has four whole pages devoted to it. The first two pages are for the assisting adults and the last two pages are for the kids... sorta comic book style. Anyway, we've been checking them out at the library and even following some of the recipes. Pretend Soup was such a hit that we've made it twice. Donut keeps saying how proud she is of herself for starting and finishing a food-making project. She really gets into the stirring part!

First they whisked the "broth".

Slicing your own bananas makes them easier to tolerate!

So proud of slicing bananas!


  1. Fantastic little chefs. We have that book, haven't gotten it out for a while. Need to get it out.


  2. you know, lisa, i find that we use stuff a lot more often when it's from the library than we do if we own it. i rarely play the cds that we own but if i check a putamayo cd out from the library, i'll play it until everyone is sick of it. i'm cool with this... saves me space and money!


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