Tuesday, October 27, 2009

If I Were an Owl

Our dear Courtney has been taking the bull by the horns with this whole homeschool field trip thing. She scheduled a series of workshops for our little ones through parks and rec (we have the BEST parks and rec department here in Murfreesboro... LOVE living here!). The final workshop was about owls. The kids had a great time comparing themselves to owls by testing their speed, measuring their wing span, and experimenting with vision. My favorite part of the class was the company! We've made so many great friends lately. That is my favorite part of homeschooling... the friends. I love that my kids' friends are the children of my friends. You can read more about this class over at Living and Learning.


  1. Wow! A picture of me! That's about as rare as catching a good shot of Bigfoot. ;)


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