Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Homeschool Stereotypes

Couldn't resist snagging this one from this blogger. Good stuff over there, by the way.

There's a bit of a long-standing stereotype that homeschool Moms :

drive mini-vans
Yes. I've driven a mini-van since the hubby and I traded my only car ever in for one because we ran a candy vending route and needed the easy access and space. We weren't parents yet!

wear denim jumpers
Gross. I might wear overalls though. If I had some.

Once in a while I might but I'm not even sure that I own one right now.

Chucks. Yes.

and have long hair
working on that one. I'm growing it out. Not because I'm a homeschool mom but because I want my husband to notice me.

often in braids or ponytails
do dog ears count?

I've also heard that we are all vegetarians
used to be. now I have a little meat in my diet a few times per week.

strict fundamentalist Christians
Christian. Extremely conservative. Don't forbid pants for women or anything.

Totally. Can't you smell the french fry grease coming from our second vehicle?

wear dresses to our ankles
I LOVE dresses. But I'm nursing. So right now I'm all about the long skirts and t-shirts. But I learned that this is not what I wear because I am fundamentalist... it's because I totally hate pants. I like my clothing to flow.

never watch TV
while sleeping.

don't allow our kids out of the house during school hours
we never stay at home (working on that one)

keep our drapes closed during the day
what?? um... i don't own drapes.


  1. Funny Mandy:)
    You definitely break the mold of any home school families I knew growing up!

  2. Ha! Funny. I fit so many of those and my children go to public school. I'm a wanna be homeschooler though!

  3. bwahahahahahahahaha! well, i am fundamentally Christian. but i certainly don't look like one with my piercings and my sometimes Gothic clothing. love my combat boots.


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