Saturday, October 31, 2009

Enjoying the season without celebrating Halloween

Well, here it is Halloween again. The holiday that brings back lovely memories from my childhood yet sends me reeling with discomfort as a mother. Some of you may have read my rant last year. Very little has changed this year. I'm still uncomfortable with a lot of the Halloween images in my home. I didn't even get out our jack-o-lantern decorations this year. We have visited the same pumpkin farm 4 years in a row but managed to not make it there this year... which really bothers me. I'd like to buy an actual pumpkin and use it for food! So far we have managed to celebrate the season without junk food or anything else that truly freaks me out about the holiday.

First we spent a great day with our family by attending a Harvest Days festival at Cannonsburg Village. It was freezing cold that morning. The coolest thing about the festival was that there was a lady performing some solo acting as if she were Harriet Tubman. I learned a great deal about the heroine of the underground railroad and, as tears ran down my cheeks after she was finished performing, He-Man looked at me and said, "I SO loved that!!" and he totally meant it. Gosh, I love his love of learning.He-man and Donut at Harvest Days

After the festival we enjoyed lunch and then some time in Barnes and Noble and some face painting at the Halloween festival where we skipped the trick-or-treating part (and the kids didn't even notice). The kids got warmed up in the cafe with a cup of ginger coconut tea sweetened with honey which they went on and on about loving so much! Yay! Hot tea drinkers already.
The kiddos with their only cousin.

Oooooh, a Halloween bear!

The Drakester chewing on a straw.

Drake playing with sister's mouth.

Monday morning some of our friends got together with us to celebrate Green Halloween for our October Artsy Mamas art date. We met at the park in costumes and the kiddos and mamas (all minus me and the Drakester- he's been having some issues lately) took a nature hike, complete with an autumn scavenger hunt which we borrowed from this blog (thanks Valerie!). You can see more about the nature hike here (since I missed it).Look at this amazing picture that Sherry took of the Donut. Doesn't she look like Alice in Wonderland?

He-Man's costume is about as green as you can get. I can't take credit for it. Sherry gave us the idea and then the grandparents took care of making the costume last weekend (how many of you had such amazing grandparents who, despite being in the middle of preparing for their son's wedding, still managed to find the time to whip up an amazing recycled costume? my kids are enormously blessed with the coolest grandparents ever). Anyway, Wall-E's body is made from a cardboard box and his mask is from a plastic file folder.

Another gorgeous photo by Sherry!

My mother-in-law is totally creative. I could have probably made one but good gracious, it would have been pathetic! He-Man has been cubing up all week!

After the nature hike, we all worked on making our autumn nature mobiles as led by Ms. Courtney. Some of them turned out better than others. Some of them (the ones my kids tried to make) looked so bad that we will be trying to work on them again in a few days if and when the weather is dry again (I type as I hear the flood out of my window). Lately it's been so hard to get anything done... like nature mobiles... because I feel like I'm always holding a baby. I really do know what I mean when I say that I'm anxiously awaiting Draykie's first steps.
We all brought some healthy or non-food related treats to share as well. :) It was a gorgeous day and I loved soaking up the sun and getting my week's worth of vitamin d while chattin' it up with my pal.

We have also enjoyed a Halloween-related story time at the library and we attempted to enjoy the Halloween festival at the Discovery Center but it was insanity and so we were happy to have just survived it.

Tonight we'll attempt our first Fall Family Festival hosted by our church. I'm trying not to have a heart attack but I just know that the sweets are going to be rampant and I'm scared that they are going to be pushed on us. Please pray for me ;).


  1. Oh my goodness! She looks just like Alice in Wonderland. What a great shot!!!

  2. Kudos to the grandparents for that awesome, fun costume!

    Praying you have a low-stress evening. :) Last night we went to something at our church and a lady started telling me about all the great children's books at the local library. She told me I should keep that in mind in the future when I'm working with Gerrick (as if I had no idea public libraries were a resource available to us). Seriously?

  3. Great photos. Why do all of the bloggers that I follow live near each other and do cool things together? Okay, not all, but a lot. I'm going to move.

    Good luck with the festival. I admire you for being able to avoid the junk. You are a strong woman!

  4. I thought we'd escape the onslaught of kill-me-now candy by going to our vegan friends' party. Turns out, lots of the worst-for-you types of candy (made of nothin' but hfcs and food coloring) are vegan. Oh, yay!

    Glad you had fun! Love the idea of the nature mobiles!

  5. What a great celebration of Green Halloween. So excited to read about what you did. Please be sure to write about this for Congrats! Glad you and the kids had so much fun and everyone looked fantastic. It's people like you who are making a difference.


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