Thursday, October 15, 2009

Donut gets a trophy.

Donut finished up her baseball season with an end of the season cook out at the park.
The Captian and his sweet little guy.

Two of God's most amazing creations, the sunset and the Donut.

Me and the sweetest chubster!

Donut with her sweet coach!

Donut's coach made this precious scrapbook for all of the kids. I so appreciate it. I felt like I didn't see a lot of this season of baseball since both kids were playing at the same time most of the times and I was going between fields to watch them both play.


  1. A scrapbook? Wow! What an amazing coach. :)

  2. Sherry, I know! Amazing right? She worked so well with the children too. We've been blessed with two great coaches for both of our children.

    Kristi, thanks!

  3. Awe! You didn't say he was on the Orioles!! That's our team!!!!

  4. He is not. She is. Or was. What league do you play for?

  5. Love the new header!!!!! Flat R & Flat H arrived today. E hasn't seen them yet, but I'm planning a trip to the park this afternoon with all Flat people in tow. I'll email pictures.

  6. Your glasses are awesome! The pictures are too :)


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