Wednesday, October 14, 2009

death of a funeral plant

This was the last one of the three funeral plants my dad let me bring home after my mom died. Do you think that I let them die on purpose? It really did bother me to see plants from her funeral. I didn't like remembering her death by looking at some random house plant that people had sent to us.

I want a new houseplant. I want a new aloe plant (because one of the kids busted mine). But I also want another, easy to care for house plant. Maybe one that the kids could care for. Any suggestions?


  1. That is exactly why I did not take ANY plants or anything else from the funeral home. My stepdad keeps dropping all kinds of crazy things that were mom's off on our porch anyway (he HATES clutter and she was a pack rat). Her clothes I don't mind as she and I always traded and shared clothes anyway, same with her craft stuff and things like that but sentimental things directly related to the funeral--ick.

  2. First of all, I'm so sorry about your mother and I agree that the funeral plant would be hard to hold on to.

    Jade plants are fun and easy for kids. They are also easy to make new starts from. Too bad you don't live closer, I have a ton of aloe, jade and graptovaria (Fred Ives) that I share with friends and family.


  3. Heather... right after mama died, my dad tried to get me to take her clothes and things. I wasn't ready. It was the day after the funeral. He never offered again. Turns out he and his wife sold off most of moms things at a yard sale. The rest is what I got (when my husband called him and asked him if he had anything left over that I could come and get). He did save me the pictures and I was so relieved and thankful about that. I have no idea what he even did with her ashes. Weekly I think of things that I would have liked to have had. I have a few random things that were hers (a "Brady Bunch" tin, a ceramic rabbit, and a music box) that I've placed on the kids' shelves. Things that they have in common with her... loving "Brady Bunch" and rabbits, etc.

    Lisa, that's not the only reason I wish I lived closer!! :) Thank you for the suggestions. Someone also suggested an indoor herb garden. I'll have to decide soon because I like to have greenery in my home!

  4. Devil's ivy is pretty easy... but not as easy as aloe! If you were close I'd bring you an aloe plant. :)

    I don't think I'd like that, either. :/


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