Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Co-Op Week 3: Seder and bath bomb

This past week at co-op, the kids experienced a traditional Seder celebration. He-man did not want to participate for some reason. But Donut seemed thrilled by the experience. Yet again, these amazing women blow my mind with how much they know and how well they present the information. I learned so much and really enjoyed sampling the traditional dishes. I have vague memories of driving to South Pitsburgh to a church's Seder when I was a child. It was a strange and new experience. After watching this lesson, I concluded that it was the "bitter herbs" I remember so well from that evening! In science classes, the kids were able to make their own bath bombs. We learned about how people in ancient times cleaned themselves by using sand or cornmeal and oils. Very much like today's exfoliants! The bath bombs were so cute and luckily made it home in one piece. They smell so yummy!

And here they are playing a rousing game of Duck Duck Goose! Look at those smiles!


  1. Admittedly, I am not a fountain of religious knowledge, but I am curious about the significance of having a seder in October? I know some churches do it during the Passover season as a reminder of the Exodus. My husband is Jewish, but he's never mentioned a seder in October. Curious minds want to know!

  2. Eli is such a ham. That is a classic shot of him.


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