Monday, October 5, 2009

Churnin' and Learnin'

Last week we visited the Oakland's Mansion here in the Boro for their very popular event "Days of Washing, Churning, and Learning". We didn't get to do too much washing but we did churn and learn. Mostly we just enjoyed spending some time outside and visiting with friends.
Donut and He-Man churning butter.

Donut and He-Man making biscuits.

Look at her go. When we got to the games station, we were pleasantly surprised to see one of our sweet friend from co-op "womaning" the station!

He-Man posing with his excellent block creation.


The rag doll that He-Man created!

Planting a sunflower seed.

It was a lovely time and I think we will go back again next year!


  1. So glad you guys got to come out and enjoy the day and it was so nice to see you all! My kids' sunflowers have sprouted and are even draping over the sides of the cups now. I guess I just let them grow in the cups until I can put them in bigger pots and then plant them outside in Spring. :o) -Amy

  2. How fun!!
    Looks like a lovely day!

  3. I am totally in love with dragging my kids to all old fashioned-fun activities.


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