Friday, October 9, 2009

Adventures in Agriculture

Saturday our local agricultural center had a great little festival. While we didn't get to stay long because we had to get on the road for a visit to my hometown (more on that later), we did make sure to stop by so that He-Man could meet "Wilbur". A recent (or maybe the most recent) edition of CHARLOTTE'S WEB happens to have a local pig on the cover of it and he makes public appearances. I think that He-Man was disappointed to see that Wilbur is now a full sized hog...
and no longer a sweet little piglet.

The kids got to see other animals too:
They had beekeepers in another room but I knew that we'd be super late getting on the road if we went in there since all of us have a thing for bees and honey!

Inside the agricultural center, they had lots of hands on activities for kids. Donut got to meet Smokey the Bear and Ruby the Raindrop.
My favorite part of the event was the miniature farmer's market. The kids were given a bucket. Then they could fill that bucket with veggies, fruits, and eggs that they had gathered from their farm.I have no idea what this face is all about!

This just happens to be the beloved Bible class teacher from our "new church" (we've been regularly visiting the Church of Christ two minutes from our house on weeks when Daddy's working because it just makes good sense economically and time-wise... plus we are totally IN LOVE with this sweet homeschool mom who teaches the kids! Needless to say, the kids were psyched to see her here.)

After they picked their goodies, they were able to sell them to the Farmer's Market.And then they could take that "money" and buy an ABC's of Agriculture coloring book!
I also picked up a Ruby the Raindrop and Sammy the Soil coloring book and we will be working on those soon.

Apparently they had free hayrides and quite a few other little stations that we had to skip because of our time restraint.

This was a fantastic free event. Well worth the drive from anywhere in the area. I hope that they have it again next year and that more people will come. The weather could not have been more perfect! I also enjoyed running into a thousand people that I know!

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