Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wonderful weekend

This weekend has been wonderfully filled with...
a zine making workshop (details to come after the story for NPR has been completed and I have a link to share... what a fun experience)
a fabulous pot luck picnic hosted by the biggest local homeschool organization (how cool that this is our first official year as homeschoolers and we already have a terrific support network... the Captain even had fun!)
a lazy Sunday at home decorating a cardboard fort, playing princess dominoes, catching up on my blogs, creating a "boy's club" list (??), grilled fish and homemade turkey sloppy joes, a "Punky Brewster" marathon, and snuggles
looks like tonight we are going to cuddle on the couch to start our "Lord of the Rings" trilogy viewing (please let me like it)

Praying for a productive, creative, fun, stress-free week of learning and living together. What a blessing it is to be able to educate my children the way I see fit.


  1. Nice weekend! I love Punky Brewster!

    My children enjoyed Whispers. We had a movie night yesterday. I thought the movie was sweet. Thanks again.

  2. Did you like Lord of the Rings? I was so proud of myself for just watching about ten minutes of it while folding laundry....


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