Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Wet Day At Cheekwood

Last week, the kiddos and I made the trek to Nashville for the homeschool day at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens. To be honest, it was a kinda miserable day. However, I certainly want to go back when it's not so stinkin' wet!

Among the really cool things we saw were Fabrege items (including three eggs), some awesome Americana art (including a couple of Warhols and this amazing painting of Elvis and Priscilla). As a pop art fan who has never really been inside of an art museum before, I was ridiculously excited. I was so proud of the kids who didn't set off any alarms. And I don't say that in jest, exactly. Because some kid really did set off some alarm. In all seriousness, they were amazing. The didn't even touch the glass cases with the Fabrege. They did, however, ask a lot of intelligent questions and made several interesting observations. I was a proud mama, as always.

Here are some photos of our wet day.


  1. How can you have had your Wet Day at Cheekywood yet? It's still Monday!! :)
    Not a bad trick, time travelling.

    Is that Minnie Pearl???

  2. What a beautiful setting! I can see why you'd want to go back when it's not raining. :)

  3. I have heard that is a beautiful place!!

  4. We like Red Grooms' work too. :) Have you noticed some of his stuff is displayed in the children's section of the main NPL? Gerrick loves the big 3-D city scene there.

  5. I'm sure all the plants and flowers were loving the rain! Looks like a fun (and wet) day. :)

  6. What a fun day! It sounds like your kids have such a great appreciation for art -- how fantastic!!

    Also, Mark is working on an email to your hubby to convince him to leave some comments on your blog. He makes a persuasive case. ;-)

  7. That sounds like a great place! I would love it!


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