Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fellowship with kindred spirits

Last week a good friend called and invited us (and some other friends) to an impromptu pot luck dinner at the park. I'm so glad that I went. It was such a delight to see all of our children running about in the grass, no one wearing perfect clothes (that's a thing I struggle with... children in brand new perfect clothes that cost more than my entire wardrobe), us women in our long skirts, our huge spread of simple yet nutritious foods. I loved that we all brought reusable plates and cups... none of us are into the whole disposable thing. It's so nice to be around people who make you feel understood, less alone. I enjoyed being reminded of the fact that I do have friends. Lately I've been battling feeling rejected by certain groups of people. But like this friend stated the last time we hung out... if I was spending time with those groups of people (the ones who reject and don't understand me) then that would be taking away from the time I could be spending with friends who do get me. So, I gotta remember that on these days when the enemy is trying to convince me that I have no one.

Not a bad spread for a last minute gathering, huh?

Look at all of these little people enjoying healthy foods. Sure beats the play place at the home of the "killer clown from outspace" (that's McDonald's to those of you who don't live in my house).


  1. I have just recently begun to understand the importance of not only community, but finding like-minded friends. It's awesome that you have a "support" group that you feel you and your kids can be yourselves around and that you are able to come as you are to impromtu gatherings. :)

  2. What a great gathering, and it sounds like the timing was perfect for you to enjoy some real friends and their company! Looks like so much fun!

  3. I can totally relate! I love what your friend said about hanging out with people who don't accept you. I spend a lot of time with these people because they're in my family. We've spent too much time with them. We need to branch out and find more like-minded people. I'm not having much luck...yet.

    It might be even harder for me because I'm more mainstream then you. I'm kind of caught in the middle. Or do you ever feel that way? I think of you as being very crunchy...I feel so not crunchy when I talk to you. But then when I'm with my family, I feel SO crunchy.

    I was talking to a fellow unschooler though who felt like me...caught in the middle. I said maybe it's not about finding our exact twins, but finding people who can accept our differences. But it DOES help when you have some important things in common.

    My best friend here is so different from my politically and religiously...parenting and environmentally as well. But we both homeschool. And that's a huge bonding thing for us. I sometimes feel very insecure about homeschooling, so it's such a relief to have a friend that does it too.

    I'm totally rambling sorry.

  4. Dina,
    I think it can go both ways... It's nice to at least be accepted by people. But I find that it's even more fulfilling to find people who are like me in many ways. Of course, there is no one exactly like me out there and I certainly know people who are more "cruchy" than I (they don't have tv, they don't use any disposable diapers, they don't even have plastic in their home) but then there are some who are a little less "crunchy". However, I don't really feel caught in the middle. Maybe because for the most part I am way beyond the majority of the people around here. What I certainly don't want to do is ever get into a situation where I am hanging out with people who make fun of me or gawk at me. That's where I used to be. And it sucked!

  5. WOw! I just was looking into some blogs of people who are like me! (I was reading a few blogs and when I commented had some critisizm because of how I think, it's nice to find people who think alike) I came across your blog and I felt encouraged knowing I'm not alone in the way we parent (healthy eathers, homeschooling, loving Jesus) and think! I love you blog and I have really enjoyed reading it! I'm not a blogger I tried once and just couldn't keep up with it! lol.


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