Monday, September 28, 2009

Co-Op Week 2

Our last co-op went much better than the first. They kindly changed snack to the middle of the morning for those of us who got super hunger (ahem, me and my kid). So, He-Man's blood sugar didn't drop quite as low as before. Next time I think that I'll bring him a high protein snack to eat right before he gets out of the car though. The topic for last week's co-op was Ancient Egypt and the kids had a lot of fun studying about King Tut, mummies, pyramids, and bones. They even learned how to measure in cubics, spans, and digits! That was an excellent time!


  1. Oh, C would have LOVED that. He is obsessed with ancient Egypt right now. If you have any cool activities to share I would love to know.

  2. Fabulous! We're gearing up to study Egypt right now, too! LOL. Definitely have to figure out how to measure by cubits and digits, my boys'll love that.

  3. I'll go hunting for links, Christy. Some of the mamas from the group sent us these amazing online Egyptian activities. But we are using Story of the World and the activity book that accompanies it is chocked full of great stuff. Too bad my kids are totally not interested!


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