Saturday, September 5, 2009

Co-Op Week 1

Considering He-Man wasn't feeling well and, then, of course the whole blood sugar thing (if he and I wait too long to eat, we become miserable feeling and to be around), co-op went just fine. The next time it will go more smoothly because I'll have a better idea of what to do and how to do things. I feel terribly blessed to be a part of this fun learning experience. New friends, new ideas... how can we lose?? Here are the pictures.

Playing archeologist by putting together broken clay pot pieces.

He-Man's cave painting

Donut's cave painting

Building a Ziggurat with Legos
(where I start learning something)

Finding their shadows on the pavement (which they traced with chalk)

Courtney helping He-Man and his pal with cutting and number order

Donut playing with her "moon phase" flip book

Alright, a constellation dot to dot. Something this kid can get on board with!

Donut making dots for her very own constellation. Look at that pencil go!

A little while later, we all went back outside to see how the earth had moved, causing their shadows to move. The kids have asked that we repeat this experiment at home!

Well, that's it. It was fun filled morning. I'm so glad that we found this group before the deadline was up. And I'm so glad that our friends decided to join us.

Now, off to learn about Mesopotamia and creating sundials with paper plates so that I can feel as if we are supplementing what we are learning at the co-op! Wish me luck!


  1. Wow!!!! What a bunch of wonderful experiences. How did you find your co-op? The only one I can find around here doesn't let you start until you are 8.

  2. I thought it went well for the first co-op. Should we change snack time to between first and second period? That would be an easy change to make.

  3. Kristi- I randomly found it online when I googled Murfreesboro homeschool! We are pretty lucky!

    Trishel- I think so too. If other people need snack to be moved, that is totally fine. Otherwise, I have no problem pulling H out to scarf down a granola bar and some juice at around 10:00 or so next time. Whatever works best for the group. :) It's just one of those things.

  4. Hi Mandy! Is this a super-organized co-op then? It looked fairly long. Is Astronomy one of the themes? We're doing an Astronomy co-op with friends, pretty laid back, but I'm still trying to figure out how many activities to have planned for the kids.

    And your impromptu potluck looks fabulous! I'm so glad you've found some nearby kindred spirits. :)

  5. Amanda,
    It is pretty organized. It's not a tuition-based co-op but we do have a schedule and we "change classes" after an hour. I'd love to come up with a co-op for smaller kiddos that we did occasionally but pretty much everyone is too over scheduled as it is. I'd love to know more about your astronomy co-op.


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