Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thankful Thursday

While I've felt thankful every single day, I've been distracted from writing about my Thanksgiving here in my blog. I feel inspired today.

The main thing for which I am thankful right now is my back. A little over a month ago I really messed up my back. For weeks I've been unable to do the things that I needed to do because I was in pain. A lot of pain. I couldn't stand up or sit down without wincing. And sitting on the floor became impossible. The past week I've noticed much improvement, including being able to bend over in order to pick up some stuff and, dum dum dum, I was able to sit on the ground today. The kids and I went to a story time under a tree and I sat the entire time on the ground with a kidlet on my lap. As I type this, I am sitting cross legged on my sofa... and when I stand up again, I won't cry out in agony! This is huge and I'm soooo thankful to be almost back to "normal". Never again will I take for granted being able to move freely and care for my family.

Other things for which I am thankful include:
new friends who live near by
sleeping well, uninterrupted, for a normal period of time
plenty of friends with whom we are spending lots of time
some of said friends are back from California, where they spent the summer
Donut's significantly improved behavior (due to our changing the way that we are treating her and reacting to her... I'm blown away by her ability to communicate so effectively with us)
More evidence that unschooling works... the boy is writing and drawing pictures


  1. I didn't realize that your back was suffering too! Do you know what was wrong with it? I'm still struggling with mine and have been told that I will have this problem now the rest of my life....

  2. Since I'm nursing and can't have xrays, I didn't bother to see a chiropractor. I did however see a massage therapist on the day when I couldn't walk. She said that I had a major muscle spasm and that my spine is out of alignment. It's hard to know how much was injury related and how much was just related to having just had a baby. I guess since it's healed so much it's easy to say that it was muscular either way.

    I'm so sorry that you will be dealing with your mess for forever. Of course, that might not be the case. It's always possible that something will come along and give you complete healing. God's capable of that as well. What exactly is going on with yours?

  3. Mandy-
    You are such an inspirational person!!!


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