Sunday, August 9, 2009

Snapshot Sunday

My sweet hubby went to the store this morning to get his free ice cream that I won yesterday at the big "stuff the bus" festival at the Avenue. While he was there, he noticed that the gelato I've been coveting at Whole Foods for months was on sale for significantly less than we'd previously seen them. Here they are thawing before the kids and I enjoyed, and I do mean enjoyed, them while we watched "The Brady Bunch" on the sofa this afternoon. It's flippin' amazing. Coconut is better than the chocolate, in my opinion.

My sweet hubby also remembered to bring home some file folders for me from the tax free holiday sale at Walgreens. Let's hope he remembers the card stock that I need! I could also use some composition books, some drawing pads, some tape (is that included??), and some folders with brackets and filler paper. I'm excited to get started on our first lapbook this week!

Target had a sale on these awesome agendas. Two years ago when I was super busy with Artsy Mamas, I had one of these agendas and it totally rocked. For some reason they had the colored ones for fiveish and the metallic colored ones were only three. I have no problem with metallic. I'm loving the agenda and it's helping me to keep track of our plans and with what all we do in a day so that I feel as if I've accomplished something!

Wall-E robots have taken over my kitchen. I found them hanging out on a bowl that was drying on a towel.

And EVE likes to hang out near my dehydrator and juicer. Maybe she thinks that they are some of her robot friends. You can read about the figurine adventures at He-Man's blog.

The return of an old lunch favorite. I like to buy those mini pitas from Trader Joe's and make tiny pizzas with them for the kids. I usually try to add some green superfood powder to the sauce but today I snuck that in their juice. I did put on some artichoke hearts and fed them a side of green beans. Both of them cleaned their plates. Think that had anything to do with the gelato?

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  1. That gelato sounds good. I wonder if they have it at our Whole Foods in RI? I'll have to look for it. We are on a coconut kick lately. I am loving coconut water with pineapple; my own virgin pina colada!

  2. My hubby actually got the gelato at Publix so you could check there. When I was pregnant I was on a serious Pineapple coconut smoothie kick. I'd get pineapple coconut juice and blend it with organic coconut flakes and crushed ice. Oh, man. I found out that coconut is a natural electrolyte and that since I was having major tummy issues, I was probably craving it because I was dehydrated!

  3. I didn't think unschoolers did lapbooks...or co-ops...or workboxes? hehe, just kidding. ;)

  4. welp, we haven't done a lapbook yet! but since the lapbook is for our dinosaur "unit study", i'm sure that all i'll have to do is print it out and he'll be excited! of course i thought that he'd love the "discovery" boxes. sadly, i've given up the "discovery" boxes because the kids just weren't into it!

  5. Good luck on your lapbooks!
    I'm not even really sure what they are... are they like a handmade workbook?
    WIth worksheets and info sheets and stickers and stuff?

  6. Are you still posting about the Swap today? Let me know....I have a link to you on mine, but I can post it again another day if I need to.


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