Saturday, August 29, 2009

The other side of three

Just thought I'd update everyone on how things have been going with the Donut. Honestly, life has changed tremendously around here. I don't know if it's the prayers, the changes in our behavior towards her, baseball, the fact that she's closer to four now, or a combination of all factors but things are very much improved. She isn't the same child, really. There is still the occasional melt down but when she has one, she is able to tell us what's wrong... like, "I'm sad because I want my daddy" or "I'm crying and I can't stop because I am very tired". I think the difference is that the melt downs or outbursts are not as frequent. And when they aren't as frequent it's easier for me to deal with them because I'm not totally burnt out from dealing with one earlier in the day or from the day before. That really makes a huge difference. Her actions towards the baby have been much more responsible. She's even given up her imaginary friends. Now she talks about Sarah in the past tense and says that she doesn't need her anymore because she has some friends in real life. This makes me a teeny bit sad actually. Suddenly she has taken an interest in baby dolls. This week she got out the dolls and said she didn't want them. I asked why. She said they were for little girls and she was a big girl now. I explained that I played with baby dolls until I was at least ten. She has been playing with them ever since. She feeds them carrot juice from a pretend bottle. She puts them to sleep in her bed and she tried to "nurse" her baby but realized she has nothing there! I think I liked that reaction! I've also noticed that she likes to point out her good big girl behavior. So that means she recognizes the changes she has made. We got her this (blech) Princess art set on clearance and she's been using it. Whenever she is using it, she tells me how good it makes her feel in her heart that she got such a great gift. How sweet is that? I'm so proud of the changes that have been made and of the little girl my Donut is becoming. I love that I can enjoy her right now.


  1. I love her face in the swimming photo! So cute. :)

  2. Awww.. you must be so proud! I think there is a real difference between 3 and 4. So glad to hear she is doing much better!! That's so fabulous!!!

  3. I love how you told her you played with dolls until she was ten. She must have felt so reassured.

    When I was a child, I was often ashamed for still wanting to play with dolls and all that.

    And hey....I was still playing with dolls when I was around 12-13!


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