Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Look how I've grown!

In just a few short days, Draykie will be 5 months old!
Look how big he's grown and how sweet he is! These pictures aren't misleading.
He truly is as sweet as he looks!
He's eating three solid meals a day already.
He owns my heart!


  1. What a handsome little guy!!
    Is that a sweet dimple on his cheeck?? I'm definitely a sucker for boys with dimples!!

  2. yep yep, ashley. he reminds me of n whenever i see him grin!

  3. he looks like your pirate! :o)

  4. Such beautiful and expressive eyes. Yep, he's a sweetie.

  5. you think, amy? that's what others are saying! he has my dimple for sure though!

    thank you mimi!


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