Monday, August 3, 2009

Celebrating NOT going to school at the Avenue and with Muffin Tin Monday

Saturday, I dragged the kiddos out to a Back to School celebration at the Avenue where Conductor Jack sang "Chewie was his Name-O", I ran into an old friend and new one... who knew each other, and there were free kids meals, balloons and tattoos to be had. The best part was knowing that we aren't going to school.

Me and Nancy. We met because she wrote an article about me.
And she may be writing another one!
Donut becoming acquainted with an old pal of mine. She actually attended my wedding!
Butterfly tat with glitter!
Today, since partying and celebrating was the theme for Muffin Tin Monday, I figured we'd carry the concept of celebrating not going to school on into our lunch! This muffin tin includes blueberries, one quarter of a sandwich, goat yogurt topped with all natural sprinkles, veggie sticks, spelt lemon heart cookies, and Panda raspberry and black licorices. Poor Donut has the virus that has been going around so she had a popsicle for lunch,


  1. Yeah to home schooling! Fun pictures!

  2. Love that sparkly tat! Hope she's feeling better soon. :)

  3. Love the adorable red heart tin--the blue liners give it a nice touch too!!

    Hope she is feeling better very soon!

  4. Thanks all. Donut still has a fever today. Poor little lady.

  5. Hope she gets to feeling better soon. Really cute tin and combo of foods. The tattoo is pretty, my lil one got one once and flipped out, so off it came pretty quickly!

  6. Hope little D feels better!
    Love that butterfly tattoo!

  7. Nothing beats a glitter butterfly tattoo! Love the puppy too!

    Lisa :)


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