Tuesday, August 11, 2009

background noise

I love NPR. I don't really know anything about it. I couldn't tell you much of anything that you might hear on there. But I love it. There is something so soothing about that radio station. When NPR is on in the background, I feel all zen and meditative-like. Much like when someone is brushing my hair.

This love for NPR began when I was 17 and I worked in my small town's bookstore. The bookstore also happened to be owned by my boyfriend's (at the time) family. His mom ran the store and I was lucky enough to have an after school job there. I loved working there. There was a bell on the door that would jangle whenever someone came inside. There were dogs. And regulars who would hang out at the front of the store and read their newspapers and drink our coffee. There were even eccentric characters. It was probably the closest I'll ever come to living out "Gilmore Girls". It was fantastic. It was perfection. It was too good to be true, honestly. But, the point is that there was always NPR playing in the background. And "All Things Considered" would be coming on or going off right around the time that we would close. I felt so relaxed at the bookstore. I felt so at home. So lucky. So fortunate to have the best after school job ever. So cultured and, for the first time, good enough.

So hearing NPR takes me back there. And even though I pay no attention to what's on the air, there is a certain comfort in having it on in the background. I turned it on in the school room this morning and I've left it on all day. Maybe I hope for the same relaxation to enter into the subconscious of my kids. Or maybe I just want to always feel like I'm in a bookstore. The sensation of browsing is so nice. If only we could all feel as if we were browsing all of the time, the world would be a happier place.

Yep, that's it. I want my reality to smell like Whole Foods and to sound like a bookstore. Isn't it great to figure out these things?


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving birthday wishes. I didn't do anything fabulous like getting pink hair but it was an ok day.

    This post is funny because I think NPR would put me to sleep. I do love background noise though! Great descriptors because I could almost smell the bookstore, hear the bell and see the people. Come back and visit anytime.

  2. I know what you mean. Growing up we didn't have tv so my mom had a radio with tv tuning so we would listen to qed and football on the radio. I still like to hear it even though I hate watching. NPR is part of that though I usually have to turn it off because my kids are old enough to actually listen to what NPR says and politically speaking it goes completely against our liberty and Christ loving family grain. So, instead I keep it on classical or jazz when I have it on, or the football game when it is on, even though I don't "do" football. :)

  3. Tara, thanks for coming by!

    Heather, yes, sadly, it's wayyy too liberal for my taste. Good thing I actually pay it no mind!

  4. Love me some NPR especially on Sunday mornings. You know, your bookstore description reminded me of Meg Ryan's mom's bookstore in You've Got Mail. Always wanted to visit such a place.

  5. Oh, I know that feeling exactly! I could say the same about NPR -- I don't actually listen to it, but I feel like I must be in Northern California when it's on. Everyone sounds so mellow. Like they've either had a few glasses of Pinot Noir or a really nice bong. LOL. I still dream of owning a bookstore... if I'm not careful, my house may look like one anyway.

  6. Your job in high school sounds absolutely lovely. Sadly, I worked one summer at Wendy's (nothing against working at a fast food joint but my manager was the world's biggest JERK!)

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. Yeah at least my girls know what they are "supposed" to be eating! ;)

  7. Hello there! I found you through Stephanie's radical unschooling blog...and you seem like an interesting person so I will be stopping by again, definitely. Yup. Your kids are BEAUTIFUL. :)

  8. Personally, I love NPR! I usually can't stand talk radio and its shrill commentators in which people just rant and rave. On NPR there is actual dialogue happening. So important.

    Thanks for you comments on my blog!


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