Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mother/Daughter Creative Writing Workshop

Since I asked for feedback here, I thought I'd let you all know how the Artsy Mamas creative writing workshop for moms and daughters went.

We had three moms, one of whom brought two daughters and the others just brought one for a total of 7 people. Draykie was pretty good for the most part and thoroughly enjoyed being whisked away by our pal Ms. Joan who took him to the water while I finished up the exercises.

Exercises included: interview one another, write a poem about a special family memory, make a list of the things you would like to do together as mother and daughter, and do an acronym of one another's first names using positive and uplifting words that describe one another.

I loved that the moms and daughters seemed to learn things about one another from these exercises. One couple learned that they shared the same favorite song. That mom also discovered that her daughter would like to have some alone time to go out shopping like to the grocery store or the mall with just her mom... when brother doesn't tag along.

I heard laughter and I saw the girls (especially) loosen up and become more free with sharing as the session went on. These young ladies were bright and vibrant and I enjoyed seeing them and imagining what Donut might be like when she's that age.

I was happy that these moms took the time to come out to our workshop. A lot of moms wouldn't bother. I also believe that these moms will take my ideas and expound upon them in their lives at home and incorporate perhaps journaling or letter writing or creative writing into their relationships with their daughters.

At the beginning of the session I shared my experiences with writing letters to my mom. She and I had this silly game we played where she would pretend to be Bernice and I would pretend to be Mary Jo (you know, from "Designing Women") and we'd write ridiculous letters to one another. I shared that I would give anything to have those letters now. Now that she's gone. I intend to continue blogging and writing journals for my kids and hopefully they will want to do silly writing games with me one day. Only I'll be sure and keep them for them. Because they may not know that they would like to have them one day when they are 16 but...

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