Thursday, July 30, 2009

geeez, thanks.

Me: (to He-Man) Boy, I'm tired buddy. (last night I had a 102.4 degree fever. today I dealt with three fussy kids and new dog- more on that later)

He-Man: Well, why don't you go to bed?

Me: I will in just a little while. I have to drink and eat a whole lot before I can do that.

He-Man: Well, what would you like to have? I can fix you something.

Me: Awww, you sweet angel. (insert stroking of cheek)

He-Man: (serious blank stare)

Me: Are you just trying to get me off the computer so that you can play your Wall-E game?

He-Man: I'm just trying to get you off of your computer. So tell me what you want.


  1. Oh no! Sorry to hear you're sick. :(

  2. He may have his motives, but at least he knows how to win over the ladies!
    Hope you feel better real soon.


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