Thursday, July 23, 2009

The first day of "school" and I'm pooped

It's Murphy's Law that the night before you have planned to really get in there and get going with some new exciting plans, the baby decides that a 2 hour bout of "talking and running in place" is in order. As you know from my last post, I have worked really hard to get our "school" room together. Last night I worked on filling the work boxes, to which I will refer as "Discovery Boxes" from here on out! I got out art supplies and Bible books and sorted worksheets into each of their clip boards. I was pretty excited. I stayed up late watching "Army Wives" and continuing in the book I'm reading (Homeschooling Our Children, Unschooling Ourselves by Allison Mckee... thank you inter library loan system). Then, of course, the baby decided that he needed to get up and watch some "Family Ties" from 2 until 4:30 am.

I texted the Captain at work. He must have felt sorry for me because when I woke up at nine this morning, the door to my bedroom was closed. He had come home and rescued me from being woken by the kids. Sweet man.

So we got a late start. And a bumpy one at that. He-man didn't have a great attitude about my suggesting he do fun "Discovery Box" activities instead of watching television at his leisure all day. Grrr. But I just trudged right through. Here I sit with "Max and Ruby" on in the background at six pm. The first time the tv has been on all day. And that is a HUGE deal at our house. Let me tell you what all we have done today.

Individually the kids worked on:

Donut: Little Girl Bible lesson, worksheets, Little Red Riding Hood and Beauty and Beast audio cd while looking at books, practiced cutting a catalog, drew at the easel, cd rom game, played outside, practicied stringing foam beads on a pipe cleaner

He-Man: worksheets, Kumon cutting sheets, audio book Elliot's Park: The Walnut Cup (this is fantastic), practiced spelling by stringing foam letter beads on pipe cleaner, chores (cleaning windows and sorting silverware), played with Wall-E figurines, I Spy preschool puzzle game, dictated two stories and typed three captions on his new blog He-Man and His Mama (tried to get him to name this blog something else but to no avail ;))

Together: Hooked on Phonics Spanish lesson, pirate puzzle, Fairy Tales felt stories (Little Red and Rapunzel), colored Wall-E poster, helped me make a coffee cake, Hooked on Phonic Bible lesson about Jesus' birth (magnet set, singing, story, trivia game)

So, not so bad considering the chaos that has been our lives as of late.

Tomorrow we will be celebrating Learn Nothing Day with some of our fellow homeschool/unschool friends by attending two butterfly classes at the Wilderness Station near my home. We geeky unschoolers just can't take even one day off from learning. Not even one!


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