Monday, July 20, 2009

Date Night and Farm Day

Friday night I took He-Man (and Draykie too of course) to the Avenue for family game night at Barnes and Noble. We had a great time. While there were very few games available for younger kids, we made the most of what we had. We played Jenga, Boggle, and another strange game that asked weird questions. There were new friends made and lots of laughs shared. After the games, we headed out to walk around in the amazing weather we've been having. Seriously, it was breezy and almost felt tropical. We stopped for a couple of photos to help mark the occasion. The shades are some new Wall-E ones that came in the mail for him this week.

Saturday we went to Nashville and visited the Tennessee Agricultural Museum for their free Summer Saturdays program. The temperature was great! Not sure the kids had too much fun but I liked it.


  1. Looks like they were having fun!
    I was reading your "about me" section and I would love to know more about your raw foods diet.

  2. Christy!

    I'm not nearly as raw as I'd like to be. Money and time make it difficult. Right now, though, my goal is to just make most of my meals during the day at least 50% raw and then I'm a little more lenient at night. I'm not sure exactly what you are wanting to know!


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