Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A Walk with Friends and A Date with Donuts (of the to be eaten variety)

I finally feel like I'm getting back to "normal"... whatever that might be! I feel pretty good, I'm getting sleep at night (LOVE me some L-Tryptophan), and the weather is, though hot, nice enough for us to be out and about.

Yesterday we had a special walk with some fellow homeschool friends. We hiked the trail at the park nearest to our house. He-Man had drawn a picture of a flower for his friend and this was a huge deal because the only picture he'd ever drawn before was of Mike Wazowski. While we walked the trail we saw some neat things... including this little guy. The kids really enjoyed checking him out and then moving him off the trail in order to prevent him from being stomped on.
Today the boys had appointments with our pediatrician (He-Man has to see a plastic surgeon next week in order to have some scar tissue removed from his mouth and Draykie was prescribed Nystatin for this thrush we seem to have). Lately He-Man has been acting out and begging for some "alone time" with me. This is difficult to achieve but today was the perfect chance for me to drop the Donut off with her grandma and then take He-Man out for a date. I made a big deal about it. He got to pick what we did so we went to Dooley's Donut Cafe and shared a donut stuffed with chocolate and four donut holes. Yum. We also made friends with the lady behind the counter and blessed her (and vice versa) by chatting and getting to know one another. She even took our picture! Do you find that your children behave much better when they are one on one? I find that my kids are entirely different people when their sibling is not around. It's so hard to find time for that special time with both big kids but I know that it's super important.
How do you find time to have a date with your children individually?


  1. It gets so much easier when they are older. Today Rach and I went out alone together and usually when I go shopping or whatever I just take one. It makes a world of difference for everyone because it makes them feel special and loved.

  2. Surprisingly, at this point in time, they are pretty dependent on one another and get worried when the other one is not there. Occassionaly my husband and I will split them up and each get some one on one time with them.
    I'm really glad you guys had this opportunity. He's definitely the age where he needs it. Especially with a baby in the house.
    You're awesome!

  3. For me it's easy to spend time with my oldest while the little one naps. We have like a 2 hour window where we can play UNO, eat popcorn and watch cartoons on the couch together. That little bit makes a big difference.--If they don't nap, maybe even letting one stay up 1/2 an hour or so later at night to do something special with and trading off the next night for the other.

    Of course, it's always easiest to just go somewhere if the hubby is home, but that's just not always the case. :)

  4. Yes, my children are amazingly well behaved one on one. Together, they conspire against me, or at least it feels that way but they definitely encourage each other and set each other off.

  5. I have instated a new ritual where each child gets to stay up late on a particular night of the week. Last week it went really well. I'll start blogging about it!


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