Sunday, June 28, 2009

Snapshot Sunday

This concept is borrowed from Sarah over at the Napping House. Five pictures from your life. No people, arranging, or cleaning.

Donut has been feeling puny so when she refused to lay down and sleep with dad, I made her a "bed" on the chair. As you can see, she's not in it.

What's for lunch? Pento beans and rice seasoned with miso and seaweed. He-Man finished his, Donut's remained untouched.

Finally made it to Old Time Pottery for some runner rugs for my kitchen. Aren't they great? The yellow one is lemons! Only $9.99 a piece. Yahoo!!

The workbench is about to be sent to the attic until Draykie is old enough to play with it. The tools and toolbox on the floor will stay in the house, in case something needs fixing!

He-Man completed a Kumon cutting page! This is huge. He decided to do the page on his own and was so proud of the results. We've struggled with cutting and using scissors so I'm thrilled for him and his achievement! The bright colored picture was made with his partner from Summer Swap in mind!


  1. My son loves Kumon cutting books too. I have been meaning to do the snapshot Sunday but it just hasn't happened yet.

  2. I love "real" photos. The colors in your house are fantastic!


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