Friday, June 19, 2009

Say It Forward Friday

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I just loved this concept so much that I have decided to continue doing it.

Today's Loyal Commenter Award goes out to Heather at An Untraditional Home. She always has something uplifting and useful to say. In addition, I just like her. I would imagine that if we lived near one another, we'd be real life friends. We just think the same way. We both believe in unschooling our children (or letting them lead their own educations at home) and we also strive to make healthy choices for our families even though we are on a restricted budget.

Visit Heather's blog and while you are there, be sure and see some of her artwork. It's serene and filled with youthfulness!
Heather, you can proudly post this button on your blog! Thanks for being such a good blog friend!



  1. Hip hip hooray for unschooling! Though a tad stressful at times. It was incredible seeing you unschoolers in Murfreesboro. God just awes me in His ways. Geoffrey had a blast hanging with your kiddos. Take care!!!

  2. It's so nice to have made friends through blogging!


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