Friday, June 12, 2009

Say It Forward Friday

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Well, now, this is just weird.

Today the kids and I headed to the Discovery Center to meet up with some new friends. I met Sherry through an unschooling online group. She was an eclectic homeschooler who lived relatively nearby and had a son the same age as my son. After looking at her blog, I knew that we would be pals. I was very excited to meet another mom who was similar to me and to whom I could easily relate. Kinda helps that she is super creative and organized and these are some qualities I feel that I've been sorely lacking the last... um... year?

So right after we discovered that our decisions to become followers of Christ were made similarly, I asked her how she gets so many followers and commenters on her blog! She shared a few of her tips.

I come home and through Facebook I find this new blog carnival. The idea is that each Friday you pick one of your readers who comments frequently on your blog. You feature them in a blog post. You link to your post here and the next thing you know, somehow, you end up with more comments and more followers on your own blog because of, ya know, karma.

How perfect! Because ever since Sherry and I have been following one another's blogs, she has been commenting and commenting. She even went back and commented on some old posts! Now that is a rare occurence! So, I figured this was the perfect way to celebrate my new reader... and new friend!

You'll love her blog, Living and Learning. There she writes about her adventures in homeschooling her small (and uber sweet) son. She has fabulous ideas and takes great pictures. I thought it was funny that we were both snapping pics of the kids today because we are both bloggers who document all of our child(ren)'s outings, activities, playdates, etc. Awesome. Geeky mom bloggers unite!

So, check out Sherry's blog. And say three cheers for my answered prayers for awesome new friends!


  1. Oh, wow! Thanks for featuring us. :D

    We didn't leave the DC until 4:15--I'm exhausted!

  2. I just came over from Sherry's blog. So nice to find you!

  3. I'm a fellow homeschooler. I'm happy to find your blog :)

  4. It's always great to find new friends! Glad you all had such a great day.


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